Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chicken Addiction

I have 14 adult hens and planned on getting rid of most of them this year and replacing them with 'coop ready' pullets. I want to reduce my numbers to 8 laying hens and four decorative hens.

I decided in December I was not getting any chicks this year...

How did I end up with 15 chicks??? A few weeks ago I had a dream I was at the local farm supply store picking out chicks so I decided I'd just get a few, eight. Then I got to the store...

All those adorable fluffy chicks! So I decided to get a few extra "Easter Egg" chicks, and let's try a leghorn and some D'uccles... Oh I better get at least two of those since they might be males... I'd love another frizzle, better get four since half won't be frizzles and half will be male... and I want to replace my gold silkies with black or white, better get four to make sure I get a female. The Welsummers look cute, get one of those.

OOOPS! 16 chicks. Hmmm.

One died so that took my numbers down and two are definitely male so I will be down to 13 for sure. Hmmm but maybe I'll keep that white frizzle male and let him breed with my white frizzle female? Uh oh!

So I am resolved I will get rid of at least two silkies, one male, the Welsummer... that takes me down to 12. The plan is to get rid of all but two of my existing flock.... still leaves me with 14. Somehow I've got to get the numbers down by more than that.

Serious chicken problem.

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