Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Micheal's shame on you!

Please call Michael's and express your dissatisfaction regarding their exchange policy.

I contacted Michael's by email after learning about their exchange policy. Here is my letter and their response;

This is a notification from the Michaels Customer Care Department.

Your Ticket Number 03554424 has been updated.

Call Description: I was appalled to learn your policy does not allow for a
customer to exchange one item for another of the same cost and same brand
but different color. This policy is unacceptable. I recognize companies
generally create such policies to protect against loss due to retail theft.
Your employees have been unable to provide any explanation for this policy.
I can think of only one explanation for this policy, that it is an effort
to increase profits at the expense of your customers' satisfaction. Over
the past several months I spent over a hundred dollars on yarn. I bought
too much of one color and not enough of another during a $2.00 sale on your
Loops and Threads brand yarn. A week later I returned to your store to
exchange a few skeins for a different color and learned your policy
required I receive $2.00 for each of my skeins as I had originally paid and
purchase the new skeins at full price because the product was no longer on
sale. Please change your policy to be fair to your customers. I hope one
letter is enough for you to recognize this policy is unacceptable and
causes dissatisfaction to customers. Change this policy.
New Entry: Dear Michelle,

Thank you for contacting us. We take customer comments, complaints and
suggestions seriously. I'm sorry you had trouble with your return, but we
do not have the ability to perform even exchanges. We have only two
functions in our register: purchase and return. When you exchange
something, you are returning one product and purchasing the new product. If
you used a coupon on the previous purchase or there was a sale on, these
cannot be applied toward the new purchase. I realize this may be
frustrating for you, and I will pass on your complaint to our Returns
Management for their consideration. Again, I apologize for the

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free
to call us at 800-642-4235.

Michaels Customer Relations

The policy is also ridiculous. When I complained a manager instructed the cashier to change the price of the product to match the price I paid. There is no reason they can not do so every time!

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  1. I have since learned Joann's has the same LAME policy. This policy is because their registers do not adjust the prices? That is a LIE. They have adjusted prices for me.

    The registers DO allow them to adjust prices.