Friday, February 10, 2012

On my mind

When I was in first grade my family moved to a home in Sandy. One day I was riding my bike and met a girl my age who lived in the circle across from the circle my family lived in. That was nearly 25 years ago. Our friendship has lasted our lives and we are sisters in our hears.

She has been the best kind of friend. My favorite friend quote is, "My friend knows the song of my heart and sings it back to me when I forget." My friend knows the song of my heart better than anyone in the world. Our lives have been very different and she has never judged my choices. She has been there for me in the most painful parts of my life and provided comfort and support when I most needed to be loved.

Earlier this week she gave birth to a beautiful little girl who could not eat or breathe on her own. The prognosis was hopeful, she would be fine at some point in the future although they didn't know what was wrong. Two days later the doctors determined she will not ever eat or breathe on her own.

Today my best friend says goodbye to her newborn. My heart weaps and I pray there will still be a miracle for my dearest friend or that if there is no miracle God will comfort her heart and her family as they let go.

Dear friend I love you.

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  1. Deep sympathies to your friend and her loss but also to you and your loss. I have found that whenever my friend, who has been beside me for 51 years, hurts, I hurt with he. And when she rejoices, we rejoice together.

    Hopefully, you two will be able to rejoice soon . . . when your combined grieving is complete.