Monday, December 10, 2012

Cat person

I'm a cat person. I have two kitties I adore.

I haven't seen them much lately because I got a dog.

I wanted a dog as a protector. So after looking carefully I found one I thought would suit me best. He is crate trained, house trained and already knows the sit command. He's a bit bigger than I wanted, about 50lbs instead of 30.

So I am adjusting to life with a dog. I definitely get more exercise, I walk him for 20 minutes or longer each day. He waits to eat until I tell him to and he usually leaves the cat food alone. He lays by me when I nap.

I have to pick up his giant poos. Sometimes he randomly barks at me which makes me jump. He demands attention in the evening when I just want to knit. I would walk him but it's dark and cold. I'm trying to teach him to lay at my feet so I can rub his belly with my foot. When he does this he is quiet and happy. I also have two birds and I'm working on teaching him they are pets not treats.

He does make me feel safer. He makes me laugh when he sits on his tail and wags it hard.

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