Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cat food

I've been feeding my two kittens Fancy Feast canned cat food since I first brought them home this summer. The canned food makes their fur so shiny and silky but at least one of them gets occasional diarrhea.

So I did some research online and found one of the recommended brands is Halo. The big problem with most cat foods is that they contain grain or grain products both are known to cause digestive upset in cats. Halo is grain free and the price is comparable to what I am already paying for Fancy Feast.

I finally finished up the Fancy feast last night and opened the first can of Halo brand "Spots Stew" this afternoon. I opened two cans of lamb stew, it looks like baby diarrhea and smells like peas and I can see peas and small pieces of carrot in it. So far Chloe has spent half an hour trying to bury it. I'm not sure if she is saving it for later or get rid of it ha ha!

I'll see how much of the stew is left tomorrow and try the other two 'flavors,' I may be returning to the store.

(Just a side note; my cats eat ten times better than I do and I'm pretty sure I spend as much on their food as I do on mine! LOL)

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  1. So the Halo was not a hit. I fed the kitties a raw food diet for a while but that was not a hit with me.

    Now I feed my cats Blue Buffalo Wildcat dry food. They love it! I love that it's grain free, cheaper and less messy than canned food.